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We create office furniture layouts. With more than 30 years in the office furniture industry. We can scale your office furniture including cubicles and bending desks. We can explain the difference in office furniture items. We will create the most effective way to layout your office as well as recommend furniture items and systems that may make your office space more functional. What makes our service special is we are concerned with function as well as design. Many designs can make a pretty office but is not functorial and this creates a used problem where you have to go out and buy more functional items for you office space.

In most cases we can offer a top view or 2D in 48 hours. Which we can then revise to fit your needs.
The 3d images take 2 to 5 days.
You will get a scaled and unscaled image or PDF of each option Via Email.

We can do spaces as small as 200 square feet to 5000 sq. Feet.
Depending where you are located there are different space needs.

We only work with office or home office. We do not work with residential space planning.

Contact us for a custom quote or with questions.

We charge per Flat fee per project from